Thursday 19th September



Expert Panel Q&A in Wellbeing & Gardening
A panel discussion for any budding or enthusiastic garden designers on the incredible power of plants and how to create a garden that supports your wellbeing. Featuring award winning garden designer Richard Rogers and Horticulturist and founder of Project Nurture Hannah Hobbs.

Mindfulness of Nature: Towards a happier, more peaceful world, with a sustainable future.
Author Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson, with an infection passion for 'aliveness', authenticity and wilderness, explores how a greater mindfulness of nature within us and around us is not only essential for our well-being - but is also at the heart of bringing forth a happier, more peaceful and more sustainable world.

Essential Oils for Mindfulness & Meditation
Author Heather Dawn Godfrey

Experience the scent dynamics of Serenity Essential Oils with best-selling author Heather Dawn Godfrey who will explore the use of essential oils to support meditation. She’ll be explaining their influence on the limbic system, on concentration, memory, mood and emotion, as described in her book Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation.

The Energetics of Dis-ease, Creating Balance
Herbalist and Naturopath Rachel Shackleton

The body is a finely tuned system that operates as a whole. In our societies today, this system is being challenged by internal factors, such as stress and diet, as well as external factors, including electromagnetic radiation, pollutants in the air and water as well as toxic ingredients found in plastics, household chemicals and others. Singling out and treating any one system, because it integrates with other body systems, has the capability to affect overall balance of health, either positively or negatively. When taking a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing, health practitioners cannot ignore the energetics of the body including emotional and spiritual elements of dis-ease. In this talk Master Herbalist and Naturopath Rachel will look at the structure of dis-ease, including physical, emotional and spiritual and provide naturopathic tips for creating and restoring balance, health and wellbeing.

Creative Journalling & Wellbeing
Writer Kate Hall

That journaling is good for you is often quoted as the reason to do it and there is a growing body of research to support the premise. So what is it all about and how can it contribute to holistic wellbeing?

The aim of this session is to explore the contribution of creative journaling to physical and emotional wellbeing.

CBD for Health & Wellness
Gary Easter, Hemp Legacy

The No Dig Garden
Head Kitchen Gardener Claire Pullinger

Enjoy a stroll around our kitchen garden and catch a walking talk on how best to grow your own vegatables with the No Dig tecnique. Our very own Kitchen Gardener Claire Pullinger will explain this very simple and effective practice that both saves time and energy and provides excellent and tasty fresh produce.


Fusion Sivananda Yoga (45mins)
Nicky Friend

Nicky’s fun and dynamic class is a powerful fusion of styles based principally on Sivananda but incorporating Asthanga, Jivamukti and Hatha. The combined methods in these ancient philosophies will help you achieve an alignment of the body, mind and breath. 

“Connect with your Core” Pilates (45mins)
Kate Cadbury

A varied fun Pilates class to suit all abilities with Pilates instructor and Chartered Pyhsiotherpist Kate. This class can either introduce you to the wonderful world of Pilates or if you’re already an avid Pilates goer come along to challenge your core a bit more.

Akanda Yoga (45mins)
Gail Taylor

Work through a sequence of accessible postures practiced in a slow and mindful way in conjunction with Brahmaree Pranayama (honey-bee breath) and concludes with a natural meditation.

Brahmaree is a safe, easy-to-learn and joyful breath practice, with tremendous therapeutic potential. The physical vibration of sound waves can be experienced across the entire body. Performing Brahmaree during postures supports inner wellness by helping to lengthen the breath and releases stress at a cellular level. The postures chosen influence the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain, which balances the hormonal system

“Release your Prana”
Vinyasa Flow
for all Abilities (45mins)
Saira Francis

Release your Prana with a flow class led by Yoga teacher and Holistic therapist Saira who hosts award winning Dorset retreat. Yoga is a pathway to peace and healing, the postures have been handed down to us by Ancient Yogis who lived thousands of years ago and we are now blessed to have yoga to use as a tool to help us cope with modern life. Yoga stretches and warms the body to allow release of blocked energy, called Prana. Prana is life force energy that runs through every living thing on Earth.

Makko Ho - Meridian Exercises
Tony Chodrak

Makko ho or Meridian Exercises stimulate the Energy/Qi flowing through the Meridians/Channels. Traditionally there are 12 Major Channels relating to the 12 Major organs in the body.

 The Set of 6 stretches are usually done daily in one session. Sometimes, after receiving Shiatsu one may be given one or two stretches to help with the Energy flow related to your current Energetic pattern.  After becoming familiar with the exercises one can experience the location of the Meridians and how the Qi circulates. These exercises are suitable for anyone as they are not focused on being physically fit or flexible beforehand. Performing the exercises in a gentle relaxed way encourages free flow of Qi which can result in increased flexibility, health and wellbeing.

This session is suitable for anyone who is looking for gentle exercise combined with a deeper understanding of the body’s natural rhythms which relate to the circadian body clock.

Kunda Yoga Dance (60mins)
Beverley Welch

A blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Dance - Kunda is a heart pounding, deeply moving one hour fitness class with a difference! Bev will take you on a journey through the seven main Chakras in the body using creative dance inspired movements to music composed by Maya Fiennes specifically for Kunda Dance. Breath work and Mantra will energise you, while at the same time leaving you calm and relaxed. Kunda is a combination of powerful asana, breath and movement, shaking away all fears, insecurity and bringing, peace and vibrancy back to your life!


Guided Meditation
Lama Chodrak
In this session you will learn aspects of posture and a variety of techniques which will help you to work with your thoughts and emotions, enabling you to deal with the challenges and stresses of modern living. This session is suitable for complete beginners or people who would like to revisit meditation.

“Breath Your Life Purpose”
Breathwork Jo Cruickshanks

Who are you really? Why are you here? What do you desire your life and work to look like?

We all want to feel more aligned, to feel and know our purpose and to have more clarity as we move through this world. But it’s hard to find the answers to these important questions, especially through the thinking mind that makes things very serious, confusing and/or overwhelming.

Time to breathe and break out of the cycle.

In this Breathwork session you’ll learn a dynamic and powerful technique that will move your energy, bring you out of your thinking mind and into your body and energy. You’ll basically get a instant access to deeper clarity, universal energy and knowing about who you really are.

Sound Healing Gong Bath
Preet Kaur

Preet Kaur is a Sound Healer, Sacred Singer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer, Gong Trainer and Karam Kriya Consultant (Spiritual Counsellor). She has over 20 years of experience in sound healing and it is her passion and joy to share this transforming vibrational medicine to nourish you deeply, bring healing to your body, peace to your mind, deep relaxation and harmony in your life.

Cosmic Consciousness”
Yoga Nidra and Sound Energy Bath

Lola Lhamo

Yoga Nidra and Sound Energy Bath with Lola is an expericence like no other! Enjoy ancient celestial sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls during Sound Bath for deep relaxation, releasing physical and emotional tensions. Led by Lold there will also be overtone chanting, ancient sound healing technique practiced by Tibetans. Graduates from Sound Energy Medicine courses will walk the room, placing the bowls on your body for deep vibrational massage, releasing the tensions in the body.
Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep, state of awareness, bringing ultimate relaxation and brain rejuvenation.


Rob Hulford
Sit down, take a break and sooth the senses with beautiful ambient perfroamcen from the master of instrumental chill out music

Incandesceno Jazz Duo
Incandescendo blend hypnotic and intriguing cello played to concert standard with highly imaginative stellar Latin percussion As British musicians who have worked extensively in many genres and travelled far and wide with their music, they maintain their roots whilst bringing to all of their work a kaleidoscope of musical influences between Classical, World and Jazz idioms.


Tashi Lhunpo Sand Mandala Creation Day 1

Buddsist Art workshops

Drop in Art Workshops