We’ve curated a blend of expert talks from authors, academics and professionals to help you explore the many facets of wellbeing. Expect your eyes to be opened to new theories, techniques and practices that will inspire you to live your best life!

We’ll start revealing our line up of speakers soon and our full programme will be published nearer the time but until then take a peek at just some of the topics we will be covering:



When it comes to optimum wellbeing practices, Mindfulness is at the top of the list for many but what exactly does it mean? Is Mindfulness the same as meditation? Can it really help relieve pain and anxiety and increase happiness? We’ll be pulling in the experts to explain the benefits of mindfulness and share various techniques to find peace and calm in this messy world of ours.

Creative Journaling

That creative journaling is good for you is often quoted as the reason to do it and there is a growing body of research to support the premise. So what is it all about and how can it contribute to holistic wellbeing? We’ll be exploring the Whys, Whats and Hows of the contribution of creative journaling to physical and emotional wellbeing. Bring a notepad!

Food and Nutrition

What we put in to our bodies is a huge part of our overall health and wellbeing but there is an overload of information. From gluten free and plant-based to gut health and supplements it can be a confusing world on the internet. We want to help you navigate this tricky road so you feel empowered to take control of your health and nutrition once and for all. What works for some may not apply to others so you can expect talks from a range of experts supported by real evidence. Eat better, feel better, live better.

Holistic Wellbeing & Healing

Acupuncture, the Bowen Technique, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Network Spinal Analysis  - just some of the alternatives and adjuncts to modern medicine that can not only support our physical and mental wellbeing, but also offer genuine therapeutic effects. Our experienced practitioners will be sharing their fascinating insights on why and how these methods can support the body’s own healing resources.

Chinese Medicine

We’ll be looking to the East to see what Chinese medicine can offer us for staying well. Learn about acupuncture, herbal medicine and what they can treat, as well as how you can incorporate the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into daily life for continuing benefit.  


Ticking both beauty and wellness boxes natural aromatherapy is back in fashion. However, modern aromatherapy is sophisticated and scientific, with brands blending complex fragrant oils to help alleviate anxiety, enhance mood and reduce stress. Find out all about the latest research and why scent is being heralded as the new frontier for innovation.