Kitchen Garden

Expanding on the existing family vegetable plot at Sculpture by the Lakes, the quarter-acre Kitchen Garden was created in the autumn of 2017 with the purpose of growing all-year-round seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs for the Gallery Café. There are ten main vegetable beds, plus the three salad beds and the Keder Greenhouse (polytunnel structure) where we grow salads throughout the winter and tomatoes, peppers and chillies through the warmer summer months. There are also various beds around the side and back of the Keder and Potting Shed which are planted with a variety of fruit trees and shrubs, along with a herb garden, brassica cage, propagation greenhouse and several cold frames.

The kitchen garden uses the No Dig approach to vegetable gardening, which means the beds are left un-dug allowing the beneficial micro-organisms to live in the soil undisturbed. Not only does the No Dig method save time, but it helps support the natural biodiversity of the soil allowing it to be conditioned without disturbing these all-important living organisms.

Gallery Cafe

All the Kitchen Garden produce supplies the Gallery Café and determines what is on the menu. Working closely with the chef, the dishes are created using the fresh ingredients inspired by the harvest and offer delicious food throughout the year. We uphold organic principles of vegetable gardening but, due to our small size and resources available, we are not certified organic.

Enjoy a freshly prepared, seasonal menu sourced directly from our kitchen garden, inlcduing the eggs! ‘Field to Plate’ takes on a new meaning when you can see the vegetables growing just a short walk away! We also have a delicious array of homemade cakes, a wide selection of teas and coffees and an alcohol licence with some delicious wines, local beers and ciders.


The Principles of
No Dig
Daily talks

11.30am Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Enjoy a stroll around our kitchen garden and catch a walking talk on how best to grow your own vegatables with the No Dig tecnique. Our very own Kitchen Gardener Claire Pullinger will explain this very simple and effective practice that both saves time and energy and provides excellent and tasty fresh produce.

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